We're Virtualizing the Event SpaceWant to run a networking event, job fair, esports watch party or conference? Gamerjibe is the next-gen events platform that makes it easy to organize 3D browser-based events that appeal to the digital generation.
Yes, Events Can be as Engaging as Video Games!Besides being browser-based, we support custom 3D environments, avatars, and communications to enable a wide variety of event scenarios.

The massive influx of 61 million Gen-Z'ers and their familiarity with tech and virtual environments call for a fresh event experience that's immersive and interactive.
  • Networking & B2B OpportunitiesMeet like-minded individuals and conduct business meetings from the comfort of your home.
  • Join From Your Favorite Web BrowserNo extra hardware or downloads are required. All that's needed is a modern web browser.
  • All-In-One CommunicationsChat 1-on-1 or in groups with other participants using text, voice, or video.
  • Immersive & Interactive 3D EnvironmentCustomize your avatar, walk around the space, chat, and make new connections.
Featured Event:
Join The Career Fest For Students & Gamers!
From May 18-22, we're taking Gamerjibe to the next level by hosting a virtual job fair with panels on startups, esports, emerging tech, and creative careers with a varied selection of exhibitors and speakers.

We're actively seeking participants, sponsors, and speakers for our events through 2020, so please get in touch below!
  1. Startup TrackHow to start, join or grow an early stage company.Monday, May 18th11am - 8PM CT
  2. Creatives TrackIf you're interested in games, film, podcasting, live streaming, etc. you’re in the right place.Tuesday, May 19th9am - 10PM CT
  3. Jobs & Careers and Health & Wellness TracksHow to position yourself post-COVID.Wednesday, May 20th11am - 7PM CT
  4. Esports Track2019: Esports aren't real sports; 2020: Esports are the only sports.Thursday, May 21st9am - 8PM CT
  5. Emerging Tech TrackIf you're interested in AI, cybersecurity, cloud, robotics, data science, or edu tech, this is for you.Friday, May 22nd11am - 8PM CT
Want to Sponsor Our Event?We're working with some of the most established and fastest growing organizations. Whether you're a startup or large company, we'd love to help you reach larger and targeted audiences through virtual events on Gamerjibe.

Below are some of our partners:
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Let's make it happen!
Have a Cool Event Idea?We're excited to host both standard and custom online events with you. Events can range from small networking events to esports watch parties to large conferences.
    Pre-built indoor or outdoor event environment.
    Text, voice & video chat functionality between participants.
    Moderator functionality for muting and kicking.
    Allows up to 100 participants.
  • GOLD
    Everything in SILVER.
    Monetization available through ticket sales, sponsorships, and digital transactions.
    Exportable event and engagement analytics.
    Allows up to 500 participants.
    Everything in GOLD.
    Custom multi-room event environment with custom logic.
    Priority and LIVE tech and marketing support.
    Allows 500+ participants.
Let us know how we can help you!
Gamerjibe is the Virtual Events Platform for the Digital GenerationWe're an up-and-coming platform that aims to be the leading solution for immersive and interactive events. We make it easy for organizations to extend their physical events or host new virtual events while going easy on your budget and carbon impact.