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Career Fest for Students & Gamers - May 2020
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Career Fest for Students & Gamers - May 2020
Event Description

Welcome to the May 2020 Career Fest for Students & Gamers!


05/18/2020 10 AM Central through 05/22/2020 7 PM Central


This is our first ever online web-browser based career fair. Create your avatar and jump in with the 1700+ registered attendees in our pilot event for 5 days of exciting panels, presentations, and job possibilities from some of the coolest companies in the esports and gaming industry.

It doesn't matter if you are a professional in the industry looking to learn something new or a seasoned gamer looking to take the first steps into the industry. Our panels are going to cover a wide variety of subjects such as emerging technology, startups, health and nutrition, indie development, esports, and general job and career guidance.

Whether you're hanging out with our devs, flying to the sky, or sinking through the ground, there will be plenty of companies looking to connect with you. Invite them to a one on one and submit your resume. It's that simple!


The environment is open 24/7 and we encourage everyone to network! Representatives from all the sponsor companies will be around at various times throughout the week.

Official Panel Schedule:

Monday 05/18/2020:

Startups (How to start, join, or grow and early stage company)

11am CT: Joe Lee and Michael Lubker (Gamerjibe): Opening remarks

2pm CT: Mark Carter: Building your business through the pandemic through mentoring and marketing

3pm CT: James Phelan (Founder Institute Austin) and Jason Jacobsohn (Founder Institute Chicago): Are you ready to be a founder?

5pm CT: Dr. F Scott Feil: Multiple streams of revenue to help pay your student loans

7pm CT: Gordon Walton (ArtCraft), Chris McCrimmons, and Jean Leggett (One More Story): How to start a startup

Tuesday 05/19/2020:

Creative (game creation, film, podcasting, live streaming, etc.)

9am CT: Rich Huggan (Hitmarker), Bradley Austin (Uni Staffordshire), Sande Chen (Game Writer): Breaking into the gaming industry (UK)

11am CT: Jon Radoff

1pm CT: Ricardo Zulueta (Paid Exposure): Transforming influencers into entrepreneurs

3pm CT: Moderated by Ted Cohen (Mediatech Ventures/TAG Strategic) ; Bradley Austin (Uni Staffordshire), Ricardo Zulueta (Paid Exposure), Gigi Johnson (Maramel/UCLA): Mental Health in Creative Fields

5pm CT: Nelson Lim (FX TD) and Bryon Caldwell (3D Animator) : Breaking into VFX and Animation

7pm CT: Gordon Walton (ArtCraft), Brandon Casteel, Chris McCrimmons, Kate Edwards (Geogrify and Global Game Jam): Breaking into the game industry (US)

9pm CT: Andreas Lopez (Omakase): Podcast vs. Livestream. Start & maintain the best for your plans

Wednesday 05/20/2020:

Jobs and Careers / Health and Wellness (How to position yourself post-COVID)

11am CT: Josh Otero (CEO NutriGMR), Jose Maresma (Chief Performance Officer NutriGMR), Holden McCrae (Chief Science Officer NutriGMR), Landon Gorbenko (Performance Coach NutriGMR), and Drew Schwartz (For The Wellness Blog): How to balance wellness and performance in esports

1pm CT: Joe Lee (CEO Gamerjibe), Daniel Valentino (COO Gamerjibe), Matt Willis (CPO Gamerjibe), Peter Perez (VP of Biz Dev Gamerjibe), and Michael Lubker (Head of Event Ops Gamerjibe): Gamerjibe Panel

3pm CT: Jake McKee (Community5), Pablo Panta (Current Esports): Build a community management career in 5 steps

5pm CT: Mariana Muntean (Cinevva): Indie game dev production, game pipelines, the psychology behind games, project management, teamwork skills, and how to position yourself and ideas in the marketplace

7pm CT: Chris McCrimmons: Making games while staying sane

Thursday 05/21/2020:

2019: Esports aren’t real sports 2020: Esports are the only sports

9am CT: Drew Townley (CEO, Kairos Esports): Working with non-endemic brands in Esports

11am CT: Devon Jack (CompMC): Competitive Minecraft Esports

12pm CT: Shahrukh Panjwani (Director of Corporate Partnerships at Shotcall), Ayan Abdu (Ambassador at Collegiate Starleague), Keisha Howard (Founder at Sugar Games), Ahmad Al Jamal (CSO at Amuka Esports), Craig Skilling (Founder of The Influence(r) brand): How to get a job in Esports

2pm CT: Michael Aguilar (OU Esports Club): My journey in Esports

4pm CT: Josh Chapman (Managing Director at Konvoy Ventures), John Zozzaro (President at MediaTech Ventures), Paul O’Brien (CEO at MediaTech Ventures), and Jaymes Hines: Investing in Esports

5:30pm CT: Doc Haskell (Boise State University) and Cris Reed (The Level-up Experience): Fireside Chat

7pm CT: Brett Diamond (Wise Ventures/Minnesota ROKKR), Chris Smith (Founder of Big Esports), Marcus Howard (CEO at Project MQ), Erik Alexander (Founder at Era Esports), Peter Perez (VP of Biz Dev at Gamerjibe), and Jake Zinn (Founder at Esport Supply): Esports Post COVID: How does it look?

Friday 05/22/2020:

Emerging Technology: AI, Cybersecurity, Cloud, Robotics, Data Science, EDU Tech

11am CT: Justin Colvin (CDS Global Cloud) and Reinout Te Brake ( “Emerging Tech in Gaming: What’s Next?

1pm CT: Neil Sahota (UV Irvine): How none-technical entrepreneurs can use AI for business and social impact

3pm CT: Rob Campanell (Whole Foods Market)

5pm CT: Alex Hutchi (Buffeine): Mobile Gaming and Chatbots

7pm CT: Moderated by Ted Cohen (Mediatech Ventures/TAG Strategic) ; Captain Lavontoy Santos (MARFORCYBER + Mentorch), Patrick Kelley (Critical Path Security), Jeff Barron (Critical Path Security), and Nigel Leblanc (Cyber Warrior Network): Emerging Technology Panel

9PM CT: Amelia Warren (Thrills AV), Theron Pray, Ryan Padgett

Official Sponsor List

The United States Marine Corps
Paid Exposure
Virtual Reload
Amuka Esports
Founder Institute Chicago
MediaTech Ventures
The University of Oklahoma Esports Club
The University of Texas at Austin - Longhorn Gamers
Staffordshire University London

Bios where provided

Ted Cohen - moderating Tuesday and Friday

Known throughout the entertainment & technology industries as “part connector/part evangelist/always a futurist,” Ted Cohen is currently the Managing Partner of TAG Strategic, an LA-based digital entertainment consultancy. Additionally, Ted was recently named Head of Corporate Development for Mediatech.Ventures, an Austin-based VC/incubator/accelerator. Previously, as SVP-Digital for EMI Music, Cohen led global digital business development for this iconic label & was instrumental in crafting the licensing agreements upon which the iTunes Store and Rhapsody/ Napster services were built. During that time, EMI led the industry in embracing & employing new tech & business models such as digital downloads & streaming music subscriptions, mobile services, hi-definition audio & Internet radio. Prior to EMI, Cohen co-founded and Chaired the groundbreaking Webnoize conferences. Ted also led Consulting Adults, with clients such as Universal Studios, Amazon, Microsoft, DreamWorks Records, Liquid Audio and Napster. Cohen also had senior positions at both Warner Brothers & Philips Electronics. A 40+ year entertainment & digital media industry veteran, Cohen conceived, created & chaired MidemNet and also served on the Grammy LA Board of Governors & Grammy National Trustee Board. Additionally, Cohen served as Chairman of Mobile Entertainment Forum Americas, and served on the board of In 2013, Ted received the NARM Presidential Award, previously awarded to Ahmet Ertegun & Dick Clark, among others. Ted continually looks for the next innovative technology & his next challenge, he really loves his life.

Event Details
05/18/2020 through 05/22/2020
588 attendees