Make your event a memorable experience

With Gamerjibe, events no longer need to be bland because we let attendees have active experiences. Not only do we enable immersive and fun interactions, Gamerjibe is environmentally friendly and easy to use, too!

The next-gen, immersive events platform that delights

From Trade Shows to Team Meetings and everything in between, Gamerjibe lets you host virtual events that are fun, interactive and engaging for attendees. Our browser-based, immersive platform makes it easy to find relevant content and connect with attendees in a meaningful way. 

Instead of passively watching a webinar, why not let your attendees explore, learn, and connect in a more engaging way?

Connect with People

Engage with other attendees. Chat using text, voice, video, or screen-share. View profiles and connect instantly using our LinkedIn and social media integration.

Learn from Multimedia

Watch videos and slides shows inside booths, on walls, or in the auditorium. Info-rich content is always at your fingertips and available wherever you are.

Explore Relevant Content

Don’t just idly watch! Take charge of your virtual experience. Meetings and events can and should be both engaging and informative.


Did we mention that our immersive environments are accessible from a web browser? No special hardware, software or downloads are needed. We recommend a system that supports OpenGL and WebGL as well as a current version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.


Events Hosted


Repeat Customers


Pounds of Carbon Emissions Saved


Connections Made

Explore and engage meaningfully

Attendees can move around the environment, interact with content, and connect with other attendees. They are engaged as they explore, learn, and connect on their own terms and time.

Network and showcase your brand

Gamerjibe is impactful to your brand thanks to our powerful networking and showcase capabilities:

  • Avatars can explore branded 3D spaces
  • 1-on-1 audio/video/text chats
  • Small group chats for focused discussions
  • Larger group chats and presentations
  • Instantly view profiles and connect via Linkedin or other social media
  • Powerful sponsorship activations
  • Instantly guide attendees to your website and relevant URLs without disrupting the event experience
  • Integrate with external online stores and service providers

Increase access

Adding a virtual component to in-person meetings and live events means that more people can participate and join in on the action no matter where they are.

Provide powerful sponsorship opportunities

Sponsors and organizers can take advantage of branding opportunities such as booths, walls, floor coverings, embedded video & audio, and 3D objects like drinks, masks, and hats that attendees can hold and wear.

Meet Our Leadership

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Benefit from our virtual events

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Immersive environment that keeps participants engaged
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Easy Event Setup
Online tools that lets you easily create and launch events (coming soon!)
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Simple Logistics
Lower cost and overhead versus other live event solutions
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Low Carbon Footprint
Less waste and environmental impact for the planet
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No extra hardware, downloads, or equipment required

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